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Sunday, April 23, 2006

6 Java sourceforge projects you may find interesting (Spring/Hibernate/...)

Here is a list of java sourceforge projects I went into that I found interresting, by interresting I mean new ideas, nice code, good ant scripts etc

Here a mini list
  • jag : JAG - the Java Application Generator - is a 100% Java application that generates working projects containing complete, best-of-breed J2EE applications.
    • What I liked: template based generator, you can modify the templates for you own needs
  • Tudu lists : Tudu Lists is a J2EE application for managing todo lists. It's based on JDK 5.0, Spring, Hibernate, and has a state-of-the-art AJAX interface (using the DWR framework). It's easy-to-use, fast, pretty, and on the Web.
    • What I liked: Transaction, clean code, nice ideas to grab
  • SpringSide : Pragmatic Enterprise Application KickStart and Common Library Stack. Use Spring Framework as core,provided a enterprise application develop platform and demo the best practice in enterprise application.
    • What I liked: clean code, some ideas to grab
  • Open ERP The OpenERP is an enterprise management software written in Java. It uses state-of-art technologies and patterns, as: JSF, Hibernate, Spring, Acegi, AJAX, Axis and Maven. We also use BaseGen for generating code from UML. Join us, join this SW challenge.
    • What I liked: clean code, some ideas to grab
  • CoreCRM Free CRM software based on Hibernate,spring,WebWork etc.It also use workflow to control businesstransacion flow
    • What I liked: looks like appfuse generated code, use freemaker
  • OAJ (OpenAccountingJ) OAJ (OpenAccountingJ) aims to be a complete small-business Accounting/mini-ERP suite. Built in Java utilizing Spring/Hibernate/Acegi Security/Jasper Reports and other open-source components. OAJ replaces the existing OpenAccounting PHP.
    • What I liked : quite a big project, quite clean, some ideas to get, especially the jasper reports
The little story behind this list, is that it is very difficult to find clean project code in sourceforge !


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