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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

10 Tips for Becoming More Creative

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  • Hire people who have different talents than you.
  • Install a random control in the elevator so that everyone ends up on the wrong floor. Get a head start by pressing the wrong button today.
  • Exchange Filofaxes with each other.
  • Bring your children to work.
  • Invite your customers to participate in projects at an early stage.
  • Invite someone from the street to attend your next meeting.
  • Mix people in meetings: for example sales people and marketing people.
  • Change the setting of the meeting. Why not hold your next meeting at a kindergarten?
  • Create imbalance. Stand on one leg during a meeting and seek imbalance. Seek imbalance in the marketplace.
  • Use simple language. A good idea thrives on simplicity.
  • Always go the extra mile and do a little more than what’s on the list.

  • #1 is defenetly the way to go
    #5 YES YES YES, do it ! It is an XP recommended pratice.
    #8 I love this idea ! :):)
    #7 it may give use more creativeness, but it will suck your time !
    #10 I am always stunned by how cumbersome language can break creativity ...


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