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Saturday, May 27, 2006

19 rules to be a demo *GOD*

Read this article at Guy Kawasaki called "How We Got DEMOgod by Nathan MacNeill" here are the 8 rules you'll read:
  1. Use Fewer Everything
  2. Repeat…Repeat
  3. Practice Failing
  4. Learn from the past
  5. Skip the Skit
  6. Don’t force the laugh
  7. Have Fun
  8. Pray
This article was an addon from his own article called "How to Be a Demo God" where he gave the following rules
  1. Create something worth demoing
  2. Do it alone
  3. Bring two of everything
  4. Get organized in advance
  5. Reduce the factors you can't control
  6. Get to it
  7. Do the last thing first
  8. Then show the “how"
  9. Cut the jargon
  10. Don't take any questions until the end.
  11. End with an exclamation point
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