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Monday, May 15, 2006

Outsourcing your code is so cheap ... but why are so many jobs coming back from their indian trip ?

There are websites where you can get very cheap developpers, here are the one I know:

You can see amazingly low rates such a $10/hour, websites clones for $200,
Does that sounds scary ? Yes it does, but ...
Try out theses services, you'll find that the developpers are mainly students (showing as companies).
Most students are talented, but they have very little experience.

Theses sites are not competing with real professionals, but giving an option to customers that cannot afford paying a full featured service.

I read somewhere that the bay area job market was great, not because of a new web 2.0 bubble, but because the companies discovered the hidden costs and challenges in outsourcing, therefore many jobs are coming back from their indian trip !

I like this article which warns about the following hidden costs:
  1. The Cost of Selecting a Vendor
  2. The Cost of Transition
  3. The Cost of Layoffs
  4. The Cultural Cost
  5. The Cost of Ramping Up
  6. The Cost of Managing an Offshore Contract
I think that #1 is a killer one, you'll probably fail a few times, before finding the right vendor...
Then #6 will suck lots of time and money :(


  • The reason most jobs ccome back from outsourced markets like these is becasue they just aren't tracked or quality controlled. Try to see a website which has proper quality control services.

    By Anonymous EF, at 6:43 PM  

  • MarketRaise Corp. is an American based company that employs a large number of High Skilled IT staff that are ready to work for you. We offer a wide range of hourly rates which allow you to pick a pricing structure within your budget range. We provide the user with a project chart that allows you to track your employee and or project daily with a breakdown of hourly and daily work that has been completed. Click below to find out which package best fits your needs and requirements.
    Why choose MarketRaise compared to ordinary job sites and freelance / bidding sites?
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    -You can always pick up the phone and call us toll free.
    -Monitor and track your worker and or project with our daily tracking and reporting system.
    -Your employee will never have a day off because we have other workers on stand by to fill in
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    By Blogger marketraisecorp, at 11:03 AM  

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