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Monday, May 15, 2006

Ruby on Rails is competing with PHP not with Java !

While reading this article What's the secret sauce in Ruby on Rails? you'll find
  • Hype and skepticism
    • Rails philosophies
      • Seamless integration
      • Convention over configuration
      • Low repetition
      • Immediate feedback
    • Focus on a niche
      • Model-view-controller
      • Project directory structure
      • Architecture
      • Tooling
  • The developer experience
    • The feedback loop
    • Interactivity
    • Convention over configuration
  • What can Java developers learn?
I have to be honest I was reluctant to ROR because I thought it was competing with java, but in fact I just realized I was wrong, Ruby on rails is not competing with java ... but with PHP !
Let's face it, with ROR you'll probably wrap up a simple web site in hours like with PHP, but when you'll need to add some real features in it, you'll miss the large panel of existing frameworks/library ... just like for PHP.

I'll stick with java for some more time ...


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