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Monday, May 22, 2006

The Seven Myths of Pair Programming

Just read this blog entry called "The Seven Myths of Pair Programming"
Here are the myths he described:
  1. It will double the workload with two doing the work one can do
  2. I'll never get to work alone. I couldn't stand that!
  3. It will work well only with the right partner
  4. Pair programming is good for training. But, once you know what you're doing, it's a waste of time
  5. I'll never get credit for doing anything I'll have to share all recognition with my partner
  6. The navigator fins only syntax mistakes. How boring is that! Compilers can do that better than humans can any way
  7. The only time I ever get any real work done is when I'm alone. Now, Ill never get anything done! Pair programming would drive me crazy!
He did this list after reading Pair Programming Illuminated .


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