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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Socialism & Webapp branding : not a good match !

While reading my daily Michael Arrington's techcrunch, I went into a user comment that struck me ...
Martin J was not convinced by Michael's analysis about CollectiveX vs LinkedIn here is his comment:

LinkedIn has something that CollectiveX doesn’t have - a very good name, branding wise. Business users who would use a social networking tool will be loathe to use something with a name that sounds, well - to be honest - socialist (”collective” - sounds like an old Soviet work farm).

At the many conferences I attend, I hear business users telling each other about “getting LinkedIn.” It’s got a monstrous amount of buzz in the business community.

I’ll check out CollectiveX but won’t use it; branding is an important thing to think about when trying to get traction for a new tool.

It may be simplistic, but Martin got a real point here ...


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