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Monday, May 29, 2006

Top 10 Lies of corporate partners

Read an article called "The Top Ten Lies of Corporate Partners" here is what you'll get:
  1. We want to do this for strategic reasons
  2. Our management really wants to do this
  3. We can move really fast
  4. Our legal department won’t be a problem
  5. (a) “The engineering team really likes it.” (b) “The marketing team really likes it
  6. We want to time the announcement of our partnership with the release of a new version of our product
  7. Our primary concern is whether you guys can scale
  8. We’d like your servers to host most of the code and functionality
  9. We’re forming a cross-functional team to ensure the success of this project
  10. I’m leaving soon, but I’ve found a great person to take over my role in this project.
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