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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

You will learn a lot from this interview of the's CTO.

Here is an interview of Werner Vogels the CTO of
You'll learn a lot from what follows:
  1. Growth
  2. Services
  3. AWS
  4. Requirements
  5. Integration
Here are two excerpts:
He maintains that research spirit at Amazon, which regularly must solve problems never before encountered. "Maybe other companies call it research. We just call it development," he points out.
The traditional model is that you take your software to the wall that separates development and operations, and throw it over and then forget about it. Not at Amazon. You build it, you run it. This brings developers into contact with the day-to-day operation of their software. It also brings them into day-to-day contact with the customer. This customer feedback loop is essential for improving the quality of the service.
Definitely worth reading.

Edit: this article just got slashdotted, read the mob comments.


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