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Saturday, May 13, 2006

YouTube bandwith usage/costs ... AMAZING !

While looking for successfull video hosting I found this techcrunch article about youtube
called Did YouTube Just Raise another $25 million?

YouTube is on a roll: 35 million videos are watched daily and they have 13 million unique monthly visitors. Bandwidth costs for all of these videos adds up: Forbes reports that YouTube’s bandwidth fees are approaching $1 million per month. Since YouTube is revenue-free (they just started placing ads on the site in March), they need more than $11.5 million in capital to keep up with growth.
When you did in the Forbes article here is what you can read
Big players who buy in bulk get discounted rates: Industry observers estimate that YouTube, which is streaming 40 million videos and 200 terabytes of data per day, may be paying between a tenth of a cent and half a cent per minute
Hey, we are on an open source oriented blog, so why this entry ?
Hold on ... here is why :
Gilles BianRosa, chief executive of BitTorrent-software maker Azureus, says peer-to-peer networking could save his company 95% in hosting costs when it launches a community-based video site in the next few months.
Let's do some maths now:

1M$ * 95% = 50 000$

Open souce saves 950 000$ per Month, we all know that kind of figures, but holly crap that's really big deal !

By the way cut down their bandwith fees using just this kind of tools ... more than 2 years ago !


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