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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Do you know what a transactionnal search engine is ?

Find out at "Compass" where you'll read
Compass is a powerful, transactional Object to Search Engine Mapping (OSEM) Java framework. Compass allows you to declaratively map your Object domain model to the underlying Search Engine, synchronizing data changes between Index and different datasources. Compass provides a high level abstraction on top of the Lucene low level API. Compass also implements fast index operations and optimization and introduces transaction capabilities to the Search Engine.
Ok, what is it good for ?
  • The simplest solution for enabling search capabilities within your application stack.
  • Promote the use of Search Engine as a lightweight application datasource.
  • Easily extendable into any application model.
  • Provide rich Search Engine semantics to find application data.
  • Synchronize data changes between Search Engine and datasource.
  • Write less code, find data quicker.
Happy searching !


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