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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

*Yes* PHP developers can laugh at Java developers (+ stupid rant)...

Last week I was fooling around with php projects like sugarcrm, gallery, wordpress, pligg etc
The installation of these projects went smoothely, the applications delivered the promised functionnalities: all in all they do work well !
I went into their respective source codes, and I have to admit that I am quite impressed by the guys responsible these applications !
God, it is such a mess !

Well you know what it is ... with PHP ... It is so easy to fall in the spaghetti trap.

Now back to the java world, read this post Java call stack - from HTTP upto JDBC as a picture and god what a huge overhead ! There's so much abstractions !
While PHP guys are going straight to the points, we go by abstractions...
While we are still configuring our XML, they have working prototypes and laugh at us ... good for them ! :)

But you know what ? I am happy to support the overhead/patterns java imposes/recommends to developpers !

And most important : I am sure most java developers would be able to take over my java code easily, I would be in deap trouble to support on of these PHP projects !

I really believe that you should be confident/happy to add functionnalities in existing code base.
If you're in an ugly mess, you won't be confident, you'll make bugs, you won't be happy, you will not want to go to work, you'll be depressed, you'll be fired, you'll loose your girlfriend, you'll be homeless :) ...
At this point, you'll have time to read java books, and get back to real business ! :):):):):):)

Enough nonsense, Ok back to work for me :)


  • I totally agree with your post after being a Java developer for quite some time. Other programmers might take over my code without much trouble, whereas whenever I looked into some PHP software I use, I can't figure out a thing because of long long php spagetti code. And the distribution of functionality to files seems most of the time to be random.

    By Anonymous Stephan Schmidt, at 2:15 PM  

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