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Saturday, May 27, 2006

19 rules to be a demo *GOD*

Read this article at Guy Kawasaki called "How We Got DEMOgod by Nathan MacNeill" here are the 8 rules you'll read:
  1. Use Fewer Everything
  2. Repeat…Repeat
  3. Practice Failing
  4. Learn from the past
  5. Skip the Skit
  6. Don’t force the laugh
  7. Have Fun
  8. Pray
This article was an addon from his own article called "How to Be a Demo God" where he gave the following rules
  1. Create something worth demoing
  2. Do it alone
  3. Bring two of everything
  4. Get organized in advance
  5. Reduce the factors you can't control
  6. Get to it
  7. Do the last thing first
  8. Then show the “how"
  9. Cut the jargon
  10. Don't take any questions until the end.
  11. End with an exclamation point
Happy reading

Mobile *is* the next big internet phenomenon !

Here is an article from Eric Schmidt (google's CEO) called "Let more of the world access the internet"
Here is an excerpt of what you'll read:
Mobile phones are cheaper than PCs, there are three times more of them, growing at twice the speed, and they increasingly have internet access. What is more, the World Bank estimates that more than two-thirds of the world’s population lives within range of a mobile phone network. Mobile is going to be the next big internet phenomenon.
Happy reading

Friday, May 26, 2006

Ruby on Rails for PHP developers

Read this article "Ruby on Rails for PHP developers" here is what you'll read
  • MVC
    • The Model
    • The Controller
    • The View
  • What does this all mean?
  • How I got over the curve
  • Pure PHP vs RoR
  • Some things to look at
Usefull for PHP guys with no java background ...

Debugging JDBC with a Logging Driver, please do *not* reinvent the wheel !

I read this article "Debugging JDBC with a Logging Driver" where the writer was looking for a way to monitor all sql queries, as long with the parameters when prepared statements are used ...
His solution is no doc, just a tar.gz

Weird, get your google friend to work, and look at this : "Open Source JDBC Proxy Drivers" a list with these open source jdbc proxies that can do even more
FYI I had great success with P6Spy for years ...

Wicked/Weird/Cool/Useless/Nonsense ideas list

Here is a blog where snap ask for your ideas to
Help us to continue to change the face of search by posting comments, links and ideas that will move our technology and the industry in a positive direction.

You can read/vote/comment the ideas some of them are neat, some of them are funny, and of course lots of them are garbish :)

Seeking Scalable Web Authentication

Read "Seeking Scalable Web Authentication" from Bill Verners here is what you'll read:
  • Considering clusters of clusters
  • The thousand servers thought experiment
  • Security implications
  • Implementing the embedded credentials approach
  • Design tradeoffs
happy reading.

Paul Graham's "How to be in silicon valley"

Paul Graham released a new essay "How to be in silicon valley" here is what you'll read:
  • Two Types
  • Not Bureaucrats
  • Not Buildings
  • Universities
  • Personality
  • Nerds
  • Youth
  • Time
  • Competing
Paul's essays are always worth reading ! Take a look at them ...

5 deadly mistakes when starting a business

Read this article called "5 deadly mistakes when starting a business", here is what you'll find:
  1. Too little cash
  2. Thinking small
  3. Skimping on tech
  4. Underestimating the importance of sales
  5. Losing focus
#1 or you have to be smart :)
#4 is killer
#5 is procrastination

Getting the Real IP of your users in 6 languages

Read this "Getting The Real IP Of Your Users" where you'll find the solution for
  • ASP/VB
  • C#
  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • Cold Fusion
  • Perl
It is basically about retrieving the following HTTP headers:
This may be handy for newbies ...

11 reasons why PHP sucks

Edwin Martin wrote en entry called "What I don't like about PHP" where he gives 11 reasons
  1. Bad recursion
  2. Many PHP-modules are not thread safe
  3. PHP is crippled for commercial reasons
  4. No namespaces
  5. Non-standard date format characters
  6. Confusing licenses
  7. Inconsequent function naming convention
  8. Magic quotes hell
  9. No standard framework
  10. No Unicode
  11. Slow
I do enjoy programming with PHP for simple websites.
What I really do not like is
#3/#11, this is right, why are the caching tools not included in PHP !?
#7, I find it soooo ennoying after using clean API in java ...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Code smells (stinks ?)

Here is an entry called Coding Horror: Code Smells you'll get
  • Code Smells Within Classes
  2. Long method
  3. Long parameter list
  4. Duplicated code
  5. Conditional complexity
  6. Combinitorial Explision
  7. Large class
  8. Tyoe Embedded in Name
  9. uncommunicative Name
  10. Inconsistence Names
  11. Dead Code
  12. Speculative Generality
  13. Oddball Solution
  14. Temporary Field
  • Code Smells Between Classes
  1. Alternative Classes with Different Interfaces
  2. Primitive Obsession
  3. Data Class
  4. Data Clumps
  5. Refused Request
  6. Inappropriate Intimacy
  7. Indecent Exposure
  8. Feature Envy
  9. Lazy Class
  10. Message Chains
  11. Middle Man
  12. Divergent Change
  13. Shotgun Surgery
  14. Parallel Inheritance Hierarchies
  15. Incomplete Library Class
  16. Solution Sprawl

Happy reading !

10 Tips for Becoming More Creative

Found this entry
  • Hire people who have different talents than you.
  • Install a random control in the elevator so that everyone ends up on the wrong floor. Get a head start by pressing the wrong button today.
  • Exchange Filofaxes with each other.
  • Bring your children to work.
  • Invite your customers to participate in projects at an early stage.
  • Invite someone from the street to attend your next meeting.
  • Mix people in meetings: for example sales people and marketing people.
  • Change the setting of the meeting. Why not hold your next meeting at a kindergarten?
  • Create imbalance. Stand on one leg during a meeting and seek imbalance. Seek imbalance in the marketplace.
  • Use simple language. A good idea thrives on simplicity.
  • Always go the extra mile and do a little more than what’s on the list.

  • #1 is defenetly the way to go
    #5 YES YES YES, do it ! It is an XP recommended pratice.
    #8 I love this idea ! :):)
    #7 it may give use more creativeness, but it will suck your time !
    #10 I am always stunned by how cumbersome language can break creativity ...

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    5 reasons why we fail software estimation ... but I have a solution for you...

    Keith Pitty has an old entry titled Software Estimating and Economic Forecasting where he quotes the following:
    1. Optimism
    2. Over-Confidence
    3. The False Concensus Effect: the tendency to assume that others think like us
    4. The Curse of Knowledge: the tendency to assume that others have learnt from the same sources
    5. Status Quo: the tendency to assume that things will remain the same
    #1 & #2 are almost the same, and they are killers.
    #3 should not be a problem for senior projects managers
    #4 & #5 are complex things ...

    Today, he wrote an entry called Tom Looy says "Stop Estimating!"
    Here is what tom says:
    1. Stop estimating
    2. Prioritise requirements
    3. Gather requirements just in time to enable developers to start coding
    4. Measure progress (only completed tasks count)
    5. Measure using smaller sized tasks
    6. Start measuring as soon as possible
    7. Use measurements to validate original estimates and adapt the plan to reality
    Is it really doable in a real world scenario ? Come on ... It could be achieved only for internal projects only ...
    I honestly think you need to get back to the old trick:

    Internal project estimation * 3.14 = Project estimation !

    Simple enough ! :)

    Hack your way out of writer's (programmer's?) block

    I read this article called Hack your way out of writer’s block
    It is intended to writers, but looks like it can be applied for programmers too :)
  • Talk to a monkey
  • Do something important that’s very easy -
  • Try freewriting
  • Take a walk
  • Take a shower; change clothes
  • Write from a persona
  • Get away from the computer; Write someplace new
  • Quit beating yourself up
  • Stretch
  • Add one ritual behavior
  • Listen to new music
  • Write crap
  • Unplug the router
  • Write the middle
  • Do one chore
  • Make a pointless rule
  • Work on the title
  • Write five words

  • happy reading, let's get all out of procrastination !

    Monday, May 22, 2006

    The Seven Myths of Pair Programming

    Just read this blog entry called "The Seven Myths of Pair Programming"
    Here are the myths he described:
    1. It will double the workload with two doing the work one can do
    2. I'll never get to work alone. I couldn't stand that!
    3. It will work well only with the right partner
    4. Pair programming is good for training. But, once you know what you're doing, it's a waste of time
    5. I'll never get credit for doing anything I'll have to share all recognition with my partner
    6. The navigator fins only syntax mistakes. How boring is that! Compilers can do that better than humans can any way
    7. The only time I ever get any real work done is when I'm alone. Now, Ill never get anything done! Pair programming would drive me crazy!
    He did this list after reading Pair Programming Illuminated .

    Serverside javascript : back to *very* old days !

    I read this Javascript Frameworks on the Server Side which gives a list of tools that allows you to embed javascript on the server side
    Hey, here missed one you could get from netscape around a decade ago : livewire !