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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

5 Tips For a Beginning Programmer

Here is the post called "5 Tips For a Beginning Programmer", it is very simple, and full of truth:
  • Get the basics down first
  • Get a good book
  • Learn by doing
  • Go old school
  • Community Participation

Happy reading !

A digg like site for Model 2/Webwork news

It is called "roller", give it a try !
Happy reading !

Geocoding Service : Adress --> Location

You'll read in this article called "Introducing Google's Geocoding Service" the following:
  • Prerequisites
  • Using the Geocoder
  • Retrieving Placemark Details
  • Conclusion
Yes it is easy and comes with sample...
It's possible to retrieve the geocoded information either through a set of predefined JavaScript commands or through an HTTP request. I'd imagine users will most commonly use the latter, therefore I'll run through a few examples demonstrating this approach.

Happy googlin'

10 Cheat sheet (Ruby/mod_rewrite/PHP/....)

Found them at "Cheat sheet"
Happy cheating ! :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Many java tools, some of them were new to me ...

You'll find it here there lots of materials ... Some of them were new to me, maybe it will help you.

Searching in your beans using Spring/Lucene

Found it at "Using Lucene with Spring – Introduction to Spring Modules" here is what you'll read:
  • Before you get started
  • Creating the directory
  • Creating the index
  • Searching your index
  • Conclusion
Happy reading

Online Marketing for Beginners *great article* ! :)

I let you discover this article at "Online Marketing for Beginners"
It is very good ...

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Art of the Start Video by Guy Kawasaki !

Guy Kawasaki has a great video here, and the slides here ...
A great line from Guy
Inovate on technology, not on business model !
Happy watching !

The new Paul Graham is out !

It is called "The Power of the Marginal" ...
Here are some excerpts I liked:

The very skill of insiders can be a weakness. Once someone is good at something, they tend to spend all their time doing that. This kind of focus is very valuable, actually. Much of the skill of experts is the ability to ignore false trails. But focus has drawbacks: you don't learn from other fields, and when a new approach arrives, you may be the last to notice.

Someone like Bill Gates can grow a company under him, but it's hard to imagine him having the patience to climb the corporate ladder at General Electric-- or Microsoft, actually.

Happy reading !