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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Report On Google's Click Fraud Detection Practices !

It is a great read, here is the PDF version if you want to go directly to the good parts, go to this article called "The Abridged Version: Independent Report On Google's Click Fraud Detection Practices"
Here is a part of the conclusion:
Google has built the following four �lines of defense� against invalid clicks: pre-filtering, online filtering, automated offline detection and manual offline detection, in that order. Google deploys different detection methods in each of these stages: the rule-based and anomaly-based approaches in the pre-filtering and the filtering stages, the combination of all the three approaches in the automated offline detection stage, and the anomaly-based approach in the offline manual inspection stage.

Happy clicking ! :)

Real-World Experiences With Hibernate, a *must* read !

You'll find here the following:
  • The Good News And The Bad News
  • Theory Vs. Reality
  • Performance
  • Best Practices
  • Testing
  • Debugging
  • Tools
  • Annotations
  • Deployment
  • Conclusions
Happy hibernating !